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Empowering Communities Energy offers great rates, exceptional customer service and is the only fully community-owned energy marketer in Calgary that re-invests capital back into the community.

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Enjoy some of the cheapest rates in Calgary

Natural Gas

Cook up a storm with Empowering Communities Energy!

Green Energy

Alberta Solar club

High Speed Internet

Access the world wide web with our internet!

Empowering Communities Energy's Mission

Empowering Communities Energy's mission is to accelerate positive social, environmental and economic change in the local Alberta community.

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Non-profit Community Based

Empowering Communities Energy is an Alberta non-profit, environmentally friendly boutique energy, natural gas, and internet service provider.

100% of Profits Reinvested Locally

What makes Empowering Communities Energy unique is how it reinvests 100% of its revenue back into the local community.

Empowering Communities

Empowering Communities Energy helps fund local businesses, non-profits, education and tech innovations with the intention to empower our local community.

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Empower your Community

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